In partnership with Staffordshire University’s Forensic Science Department and in a unique collaboration, Think Forensic’s crime scene experts have agreed to host a series of workshops incorporating real evidence and analysis.

Students will learn the importance of accuracy and integrity as they become “superslueths” for the day.

At the university’s crime scene house experts guide them through the process of evidence gathering as they explore the scene of the crime for themselves. It will then be back to the university laboratories where the students will analyse their evidence before coming to a scientific conclusion.

Workshops are suitable for all ages but are particularly useful as a STEM activity, to enhance B Tech courses and Applied Science Curriculum or as

Aim higher Programme

Evidence may include
Blood Spatter and typing, Entomology, Chromatography,
Fingerprints – developing latent prints, identification and comparison,
Hair and Fibre analysis, DNA electrophoresis

The cost of a full day for up to 30 students is £695 plus £1.50 pp crime scene suits. Please note: Meals and transport are not included