Promote and raise the profile of an indoor shopping centre by increasing first time visitor numbers and reinvigorating past customers.


“Who stole the Farmers Vegetables?” Crime Scenario with interactive workstations designed to solve the crime.

Prior to the event flyers disguised as a news report were distributed to local shoppers and households. The event was also publicised in the local press.

We created a central crime scene targeting families with children aged 3+ and provided lab coats for the children to wear during their investigation. Initial examination of the scene revealed evidence including paw tracks and footprints, hair samples, soil, fingerprints etc. Once the evidence had been identified the families visited the workstations where they were tasked with:

  • Examining fingerprints
  • Making pawprint casts (which they can take home)
  • Analysing hair under digital microscopes
  • Producing facial likenesses
  • Analysing soil under pocket microscopes
  • Taking their own mugshot photos
  • Developing the hidden bootprints

Visitors were allowed to stay as long as they wished and were guided around the shopping centre by  additional clues dotted around in key locations.



“Who Stole The Farmers Vegetables?” has been adapted and run at six different shopping centre and two indoor market. On each occasion a massive increase in footfall was experienced. The crime has also been linked to current popular themes including film launches and toy trends.

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