Our most popular programme, our ‘Whodunit’ workshops are aimed at KS1 and KS2 students. Equipped with a foundation of science and its applications by this stage, our ‘Whodunit’ workshops introduce specific uses and strands of forensic science to students. Suitable for groups/classes of up to 30 children, aged 7 years and above, specific roles are assigned and the students work in teams.

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Primary Schools – Key Stage 2

We acknowledge Key stage 2 is a crucial stage in the development of a childs’ interest in learning. With that in mind we have made our primary schools workshops as interactive and fun as possible leaving a long lasting imprint on the memory of your students.

The sessions can take place either at our unique crime scene centre in Yorkshire or in your school. As you would expect the workshops are science based  however they also cover a broad spectrum of the Key stage 2 curriculum, including science, maths, literacy, art, PHSE and development. There is a direct link to the identity module and crime and punishment module.

We facilitate the following workshops:

Junior CSI experience Key stage 2 workshop – delivered as an out of school adventure at our crime centre.

Junior Who dunnit key stage 2 Workshop – delivered in school as a half or full day workshop.


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What is the difference between the workshops in school and the workshops at your crime centre?

Both workshops incorporate similar evidence and analysis however our crime centre results in a more authentic experience, Our specially built set houses several different scenes each with their own scenario. All the scenes are part of the same crime and the evidence is interlinked. The result is students must work in teams to communicate between groups of investigators in order to establish what is and is not relevant.

What areas do you deliver workshops in?

Our crime scene centre is in Yorkshire but we operate nationally, however we do charge travelling and expenses. Please contact us for details.

Do you do other workshops for KS2?

Yes we have various options and are happy to work with you to adapt programmes to meet your needs.

Can you accomodate larger groups?

We usually take students in groups of up to 30 students however we can run additional workshops simultaneously. Contact us for a quote.



Teachers have praised the motivational and aspirational elements of our KS2 workshops. Age and abilities are always taken into account when planning the workshops, which can be tied in with lesson-planning or desired outcomes.

The PR each school is able to attract, via local papers, amongst students’ parents, and the wider community, when engaging our workshops add even more value.

Think Forensic staff are ex CRIME INVESTIGATION professionals who can recount real life CRIMES AND examples of how techniques are used.


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