Saturday 24th  July 2021

Are you Interested in Forensics? Do you love science? Aged between 10 and 14 years? IF so, then this exerience is perfect for you!

Whether you are attending because you fancy a career in forensics or you are just coming along for pleasure you will find this an exciting and fun experience. As with all out events, every session is led by our own experts. These are people who have walked the walk and talked the talk, but don’t let their qualifications put you off, feel free to quiz them on what life is like in the world of forensics.

The session will also have you taking part in your very own investigation using authentic equipment and techniques to try and solve the crime of the day.You will learn how to:

  • Photograph crime scenes and gather evidence

  • Develop, lift and identify fingerprints at a crime scene as well as how to take fingerprints from criminals

  • Find, cast & lift footwear marks electronically

  • How hair & fibres can be used to link suspects to victims/crime scenes

CSI Crime Busters


Saturday 24th July 2021


My parents bought me the CSI experience for Christmas because I’ve always been interested in forensics and crime scene investigation. My time there was exciting and educational, and the experts were very inspirational (so much so that I have now applied to study forensic science at university!) and kept us engaged with their stories of cases that they had solved. Learning about the different types of fingerprints and the ways to collect them, shoe print casting and collecting fibres was great. The crime scenes that they set up were very detailed and quite realistic. I was apprehensive about attending the experience as I was on my own and not from the area, but everyone working there was very welcoming and put me at ease, helping me to get the most out of the day.  I would encourage and recommend anyone to take part in the experience, it was brilliant.

Rhianedd Smith