Think Forensic staff are experts in their own field. They include CSI’s ,Forensic Scientists, Ex Detectives, Police Officers, Archaeologists, Anthropologists and Criminologists. Their experience and wealth of knowledge is not only informative and educational but also entertaining and ideal for informal community group talks and interactive activities.

We can either visit you or you can arrange a visit to our crime centre.

Visits to us range from our ‘Talk and Tour’ to full blown CSI Experiences specifically for your group.

Our “Talk and Tour” events have your group being walked through our crime scenes by one of our experts. You will also have the chance to experiment with various forensic equipment and techniques, and hear in detail about the work and constraints real-life police and forensic professionals experience on a day-to-day basis. Each visit or session can be tailored to any theme or feature any relevant aspect of your choice.

If you opt for us to visit you we can provide an interactive talk lasting up to 2 hours. We can run to your timetable so if you would like a break or short meeting part way through that’s fine.

We appreciate crime is a serious matter and for some people it may be quite upsetting. We are sure however you will find our staff entertaining whilst being truthful, empathetic and respectful.

If you’re interested in learning more about our talks – or if you’d like to book a talk, please get in touch.

Prices from £80 plus vat.

 We’ve hosted events for numerous groups, clubs and organisations, such as: WI Groups, Junior Wardens, The National Citizenship Scheme, Various Charities, U3A, Church Groups, Local Authority Groups, and MENSA to name just a few. Everyone goes away in awe of what we do, with their adrenaline pumping – and they usually can’t wait to come back and learn even more!