Fun and Exciting Family Event
Love science and think you might be interested in forensics? Then come along and have some fun.


This event is the same as our CSI experience except it is specially tailored for families and our younger investigators. Learn how to find and develop fingerprints, cast footwear marks and have a go with our digital microscopes.
You will use real techniques and authentic equipment as you work alongside our experts gathering evidence from specially constructed crime scenes.

Feel free to ask any questions you want about, roles, qualifications, the jobs we have dealt with and the experiences we have had. We will answer you as honestly as we can.

These events only run a couple of times a year. The next event will be held on Tuesday 29th October 2019 10am – 12.30pm. 

We have Family Tickets (valid for up to four people) or Single Tickets (valid for one person) available. 

Family ticket – £40 per group of 4.

Single Ticket – £15 per head. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the session involve?


You can come on your own but we would really like you to bring an adult or come with the full family. The event is suitable for people aged 5+

How much?

The cost is £15.00 for a single ticket or £40 for a group of four.

Can adults come & do they have to pay?

Yes, they can come as part of your group. They will take part in all the activities and because spaces are limited, they will have to pay. We are often asked whether adults should attend with their children and it’s just up to you, but if they do come along it’s great to be able to chat about it afterwards.


These events only run a couple of times a year. The next event is Tuesday 29th October 10am – 12.30pm.