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digging deeper into forensics

Digging Deeper into Forensics has been designed as a direct result of requests from people who have previously attended our CSI Experience. It is designed to cover topics we didn’t have time to cover and to give a more in depth view of some of the things we barely touched on earlier. Don’t worry though if you haven’t attended the CSI Experience previous attendance is not necessary as there in no requirement for prior knowledge.

Similar to the CSI Experience, Digging Deeper into Forensics is a three-hour session exploring the evidence behind a high-profile famous crime.

The session will include the following topics:


  • Advancements and the facts behind DNA
  • Cytology – Prepare a slide with your own DNA and examine it under the microscope
  • DNA Electrophoresis


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Trauma injuries.


  • Presumptive blood and saliva tests
  • Reading spatter patterns and the science behind them
  • Recreate a crime scene with “Boris” our blood spatter head
  • Put you expertise to the test analysing our blood spatter room


  • Criminal profiling
  • Geographical profiling
  • Forensic Linguistics

…………………….and much more.

The cost of the workshop is £59 but there is a £10 loyalty reduction for people who have attended our CSI Experience workshop in the past. Please contact us for details of the code. The next available dates for these events are:

Sunday 21st July 2019 10am to 1pm

Saturday 2nd November 2019 10am to 1pm

Please click on the date to book.

If you are buying Digging Deeper into Forensics as a gift please let us know and we will personalise a voucher for you with the recipients details and a message of your choice.

This is an event for adults however we welcome people over the age of 14 years provided they are mature enough to cope with content which is based around true crimes and our experiences in the field.

Anthropology  determining gender

Introducing “Boris” Think Forensic’s blood spatter head

External scene examination.

Digging deeper into forensics is hands-on; you’ll be using actual forensic equipment and following forensic techniques used in the field. What will be most evident is how far from reality those CSI shows are!

Described as ‘one of the best days out you’re able to have’, our experience days become booked up quickly. Our family CSI days are perfect for both kids and adults; families enjoy learning together and developing new skills, and communication is paramount.

Morning or afternoon sessions are available.

Join us for a few hours of exploration into the world of forensic science and crime scene investigation.


We both had a really great time, learned a heck of a lot and gained a real appreciation for some of the stuff that goes on behind the crime scenes. What made it really valuable was that because some of you worked in the field you were each able to bring real experiences when explaining the hows and whys. A fantastic experience, thank you all.

Shane and Jenny

This really was one of the best day out I’ve had in years!

Fran Bowden, Editor Crime Confidential Magazine


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