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A company’s greatest asset is their people. Their development, performance, capabilities, and morale are therefore important aspects for any employer, to avoid continuous recruitment and associated costs.

Many training options and team-building days only focus on interactive entertainment. Whilst this is a necessary element, it doesn’t leave participants with many transferable skills that they can incorporate and apply within their workplace. Think Forensic offers true skills-based value – real usable skills every attendee can employ on their return.

Our themed away-days, based on popular programmes or recognisable stories, give attendees a real insight into life as a detective. Deductive skills, problem-solving, and team-building come as standard elements of the day, but it’s the extra value we offer that makes us the best choice for any company looking to further develop, motivate or train its people.

For example, our popular ‘Great British Bump Off’ corporate day allows participants to flex their interviewing skills, to boost their ability to communicate with each other, and improves their observational dexterity. On top of this, they’ll also:

  • learn how to write and present to specific audiences
  • boost their confidence as a public speaker
  • learn how to resolve problems through debate rather than conflict
  • look at scenarios through multiple viewpoints
  • hone their evaluation skills

We can accommodate almost every need and feature specific themes or messages in our crime stories/plots. Our friendly staff are ex-law enforcement professionals will walk you through the various crime scenes and can tailor the level of intervention they offer. Some people prefer to be guided, and have all details explained, others prefer to be presented with the information and left to it – just like real police officers in the field. It’s a fun, unique way to help staff exercise their diplomacy, fact-finding and deductive skills, and interpretation of evidence. Events can be held in the evening, as well as during normal working hours. Call 01484 860599 for more details.

Think Forensic corporate away days also help businesses identify staff for promotion; induct and incorporate new staff members; and introduce different types of roles to existing staff.


You’re welcome to include as much CSI in your day as you require. Some companies split the day between ‘CSI experience’ and their own staff meetings/development time. Our main meeting room can hold around 50 people, theatre-style; we have a separate mezzanine floor, and a number of smaller ‘break-out’ rooms, which means separate departments could hold different meetings concurrently. We also offer a range of affordable hot and cold catering options, should you require lunch and refreshments.

Our crime centre is easily accessible from the motorway (J39, M1), and set in the beautiful village of Skelmanthorpe. The building itself is a beautiful Crux barn that dates back to the 1700s, now completely modified to include various crime scenes and accident sites that can feature in your ‘away day’ experience. With year-round availability, everything is completely under cover.

What our clients say

The skills and value my team received from their day with Think Forensic were both recognisable and tangible. We’ve tried different ideas and team-building activities for our staff in the past and none have had the staff engaged for days afterwards, like this one did. We’ll definitely book again with our new recruits.

J. Walker



Think Forensic Ltd
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