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You wouldn’t believe how many kids love playing detective or being a spy on their birthday! Many parents, tired of the same old birthday party ideas and party venues, love how unique our offering is, and how special our crime centre is as a party venue.

We have two children’s party theme options;

Spy Challenge – an action packed adventure kids party. In the line of duty agents must crack codes, dodge lasers, and diffuse bombs in order to track down enemy agents and recover the crown jewels.

CSI Rookie Training Academy – once trained and kitted out in CSI gear, your rookie detectives are dispatched to investigate the crime of the day. Gathering evidence and using professional CSI equipment, they develop fingerprints, cast footwear marks, lift hair and fibres etc. Whether photographing the scene or communicating via radios, there is a job for everyone. The group must work as a team if they are to catch the criminal and solve the crime.

For more details of our Spy birthday party please click here

For more details of our CSI birthday party please click here

Please note the base camp for our children’s birthday parties is our crime scene centre in Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield HD8 9DR.

Parties are suitable for children aged between 6 and 12 years



Both parties are suitable for children aged 6-12 years, and all receive a certificate at the end of their experience, as well as a huge amount of street cred.

As part of our standard party we provide party food and refreshments; party bags are available for an extra charge of £5 per bag. Click here for details of contents.

Requirements involve a minimum of 12 children; the price is £20 per head for each two-hour party with buffet. You may also wish to bring along a birthday cake OR ALTERNATIVELY CONTACT US TO DISCUSS TAKE HOME PARTY BUNS.


Just had my 8yr old daughters birthday here, all the kids had a fantastic time.. The staff were absolutely fantastic and the kids were hooked from the word go.. all the rooms setup were amazing.. the food was fab too. Emily has said it is by far the best party she has ever had and now wants to be a forensic scientist when she grows up.. thank you all for making it such a wonderful experience can’t wait to come back again

This was just brilliant, my daughter who is 10 really got into the crime scene science, my son age 5 was also engaged for the full 3 hours. We loved it. We will be booking birthday parties with you. Cant recommend the staff, premises and activities highly enough. Well worth the money, stuff to bring home and a coffee when I really needed one. Thank you.

Great party! Really exciting hands on activities for kids! Well organised- thanks everyone for a fantastic afternoon!


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