This month has seen the installation and launch of several dedicated fire scene areas at our crime scene centre. The scenes are for use in workshops aimed at students in the 2nd year of a level 3 applied science BTEC course and were built in response to requests from schools and colleges desperate to provide students with more than a theory based experience. Students from Balby Carr Community Sports and Science College were the first to pilot the workshops and spent the day with our experts examining the scenes looking at burn patterns and other evidence to establish how different fires had started and spread. The sessions are now available to book

Full day sessions aimed at 2nd year, level 3 BTEC, applied science students covering:

• The general principles of fire behaviour
• Health and safety at scenes
• Recognising different burn patterns and fire origins
• Fire scene: preservation; observation; recording findings; plan drawing; photographs; collection, packaging and preservation of samples;
• The role of different agencies
• Report writing
• Basics requirements of the building regulations in respect to fire safety

With four dedicated fire areas the scenes include

• Electrical faults
• Arson
• Flashover
• Chip pan fire
• Burglary

Our staff are from a fire investigation background and each are experts in their own field. They include CSI with fire investigation specialism and serving fire officers. During the day delegates can draw upon their knowledge as they relate at first hand incidents they have dealt with or have knowledge of.

The cost of the day is directly related to the number of students and is as follows
Up to 8 students £500
8 to 12 students £650
12 to 15 students £750
15 to 20 students £850
All prices are subject to vat

All sessions are held at our dedicated crime scene centre in
West Yorkshire, the postcode is HD8 9LA

The above costs do not include catering and hospitality. Please contact us if you wish us to arrange accommodation
or food.