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Together with our in-house writing coach and forensic linguist, we hold author events throughout the year, aimed at those writing within the crime genre. Offering writers the opportunity to learn about real-life police protocol and official procedure when describing crime scenes and the justice system, the sessions also cover generic writing issues.

Authors who have previously attended these sessions have given us some great feedback, saying the workshop provided all the information they needed whilst staying the right side of the law!

Following our workshop, authors are able to build into their writing a greater level of authenticity and realism. Though fiction may be what each writer creates, when it comes to detailing crime scenes, police involvement, and the process of arrest and questioning suspects, for example, believability is a huge factor, which comes down to getting your facts right.

Most prominent crime writers wouldn’t dream of releasing a book without checking for accuracy, but it’s much easier for a household name to demand time with the relevant professionals, in order to pick their brains. Now any author can (gently!) interrogate our CSIs, who are all experts from their relevant law-enforcement fields.

Our staff will walk you through an actual crime scene, (re-enacted, of course), describing who would be in attendance, how the scene would be viewed, how evidence would be captured, recorded and preserved, and the sequence of events that typically follows.

Click here to book your place on the next event (spaces are limited), or call us on 01484 860599.


Due to the success of our half-day author workshops, we’ve now put together a special FULL-DAY event, with even MORE to offer those penning crime fiction.

This full-day event will take place at Think Forensic’s crime centre in Huddersfield. As an attendee, you will leave with a greater understanding of everyday police procedure and protocol, as well as ideas to include in your work.

Your fictional crime/mystery/thriller will arguably be more authentic and credible as a result of your time with us, complemented by its believable characters, sound plot and convincing emotion.

During the event, you will use specialist forensic equipment, and learn crucial details surrounding everyday techniques that will undoubtedly feature in your books. To further enhance the depth and accuracy of your crime novel, you will be placed at the centre of a criminal investigation. You will explore a re-enacted murder scene, where you will accurately gather and record evidence, piece together timelines, and explore behavioural, lifestyle and physical profiles of the victim and suspect(s).

Authors will not only gain an overview of the whole process – from the discovery of the body to the solving of the crime – you’ll also learn specific techniques that you wouldn’t be able to access elsewhere; for example, our comprehensive collection of different hair types, which you will analyse under the microscope, is completely unique.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to interpret patterns of blood spatter, as well as learn first-hand about violent attacks, all whilst staying on the right side of the law.

As part of this unique event, Lisa Nichols-Drew BSc MSc PGCertHE MCSFS MFS ABILD MITOL FHEA, our respected forensic scientist, who has lectured in Canada and New Zealand, will walk you through many high-profile cases she has worked on; she will describe the all-important evidence and clues that helped put the relevant perpetrators away.To further ensure your book will be a literary success, our forensic linguist and writing coach, Diane Hall, will be on hand to answer any literary/publishing questions you may have. Maybe you’d like some information regarding the structuring of your book, or bringing a richness to your characters, constructing authentic dialogue, or how to maintain pace and atmospheric tension in relevant scenes.

Whilst there’s no doubt you’ll encounter the practical elements of a crime on this retreat, you’ll also hear the emotional: would you know what it feels like to give evidence against somebody, for example? On this full-day event, you’ll hear from an ex-prisoner, who will share, first-hand, their emotions, fears and thoughts from their time ‘inside’.

Places are limited. No other course offers such intimate access to real professionals. You’re encouraged to ask questions, to help ensure your crime novel stands out against competing titles.

This cost of this UNIQUE event is £115 per person, which includes lunch and refreshments. Call us on 01484 860599 to book your place.

half-day workshops for authors of crime;

If you’re a household name, you can command the attention of a police officer for the benefit of your book. But how are new writers, and/or those yet to reach the level of notoriety, meant to fact-check the finer details of their plot, or accurately portray police and forensic procedures within their book if they can’t access this information?

If you release/publish your book without checking such things, you risk losing your credibility as an author, and your book’s sales could suffer.

With decades of knowledge and experience, Think Forensic hold the information authors need. Our team cover a wealth of forensic disciplines and roles within the police, which authors can tap into for the benefit of their book.



I attended one of Think Forensic’s crime writers’ workshops; although I’m not a crime writer myself, I found it fascinating to learn specific intel, and how a criminal case is solved. I felt inspired after attending the workshop and now have an idea for my next project! Excellent staff delivering the workshop, and it was amazing to hear of cases they’d worked on in the past. I hope to attend another workshop – keep them coming!

Gemma Owen-Kendall
East Yorkshire

“I found out as much as possible about how to commit a crime, how it’s processed and the effects and limitations the police work with every single day – all whilst staying on the right side of the law! The staff at Think Forensic were patient and extremely knowledgeable; the workshop has made a real difference to my writing, as well as sparking off ideas for a few more plots. On top of all that, it was so much fun!

Lesley B.

Joined the Think Forensic team for one of their Authors’ CSI Workshops and loved it. A fascinating behind-the-scenes look for wannabe crime writers who don’t have a friendly forensics expert to turn to. It left me buzzing with ideas! The team really know their stuff and I’m looking forward to their next workshop already.

Sara West; Tall Tales Mysteries

Really enjoyed the authors’ workshop, and looking forward to putting in the detail Gary and Sue gave me – makes my work so much more credible. Highly recommended for all crime authors!

Claire Hopkins


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