Forensic Field Trip

Bring Science to life in our specially designed workshop for Home Educated Children?

We are now offering two sessions, one for Key Stage 2 and a separate for Key Stage 3.

During the session’s pupils will be able to explore the different branches of Forensic Science and have the opportunity to bring it to life by visiting their very own crime scene.

The opening of the session will be focussed on exploring the following;

  • Branches of forensics
  • Differences between forensic scientists and CSIs, roles, careers and qualifications
  • Hands on activities including fingerprinting (developing using different methods on different surfaces, lifting, rolling and identification), casting and electronic lifting of footwear marks, how we gather evidence and process crime scenes etc.

The group will then be divided into teams of investigators, each team will appoint their own crime scene manager, photographer, exhibits officer and communications officer before  being dispatched to their own crime scene. All the scenes are different but interlinked. To succeed the group must communicate between teams using radios to establish what is/isn’t evidence and ascertain what has happened. We stress the importance of cross contamination and all participants with wear a crime scene suit.

Having processed the evidence, students will return to the main area and conduct a series of analysis and experiments including chromatography, soil, hair and fibre, blood spatter and entomology (age dependent) before coming to a scientific conclusion.

Both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 sessions have similar format, however the content will vary in that it will be age appropriate.

The Key Stage 2 session will be held on Wednesday 7th November 2pm – 4.30pm and

Key Stage 3 on the following Wednesday 14th November 2pm – 4.30pm also.

The cost is £12per person accompanying adults are also subject to charges.

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