Workshops are hosted on line by Think Forensic’s specialist staff, all of whom are experts in their own field and are waiting to pass on their experiences to your students.  Sessions can be used to highlight career choices or to enhance subject matter. The sessions are delivered via Zoom, MS Teams or other platform suitable for you and can be Q&A sessions, interactive or simply guest speaker. Sessions are usually one hour in length but can vary subject to discussions.

We have the following workshops available:

This is a no holes barred Q&A session with an experienced CSI. Ideal for career sessions and students who are considering options. Students will discuss the ups, downs and rewards or choosing this career, plus learn about the attributes and skills needed whilst hearing of real-life experiences and cases dealt with. The session can include practical demonstrations or case studies.


This session discusses what anthropologists can tell us about victims, crimes and suspects. Is it a niche career or can anthropology fit across a wider field? Ideal for students looking at subject and career choices.

Forensic Linguistics
Not just one for the scientists! This is an interactive session looking at linguistics and how audio recordings and written transcrips can be used in the analysis of crime. 
How audio recordings of telephone transactions/contracts can be analysed to reveal fraudulent claims and involvement in crimes. How 999 calls, often the first point of call in a criminal case, can reveal much about the demeanour and state of mind of the caller at that crucial time. 
How written documents are analysed, content and context interpreted, sentence and paragraph formation is used to identify suspects/victime in criminal cases.
Documentary resources can be emailed in advance for students to access them on the day.  

This session is led by one of our leading experts in the field of forensics. Discusss the different branches of evidence and how they can be used to discover if a crime has been commited, how it can identity a suspect and/or victims and how it has happened. The session also includes references to real life crimes and cases dealt with.

Geographical profiling
What is geographical profiling and how does it help us solve crimes, target resources and manage budgets? How does geographical profiling work? The session is led by a leading geographical profiler who has been involved in many high-profile serious cases. 
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All of our sessions are delivered by our own experts who have worked in the field. Content is retrospective of age but will include references to real life cases. We will always try to answer student’s questions honestly but will discuss in advance with you the level of content you need delivering. For any further information or costs of any of the above workshops please contact us using the form below.

We also offer some free inspirational career videos, please feel free to use them to motivate your students or promote careers.