BTEC Workshops 

CSI Workshop

Crime Scene Investigation module

Fire Investigation module

Our workshops link directly to the BTEC public service curriculum and are suitable for all stages of the course. No matter whether your students are year one crime investigation or year two fire and road traffic collision we can bring an extra dimension to their classroom learning. The unique facilities at our crime centre provide an authentic safe environment in which they can experience as close to life scenarios as possible. 

Road Traffic Collision Investigation Module

Besides putting strong emphasis on evidence integrity, scene protection and correct procedures, the sessions also encourage teamwork and communication. Students will develop confidence and the experience will remain a lasting memory reinforcing theoretical knowledge.

Some colleges use the workshops as mainstream instruction whilst others use them for student assessments. Regardless of how you would want to use the workshops we are happy to work with you to provide the right scenarios, the right specialist staff and the right equipment for your students.

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