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online workshops

Whilst staff at Think Forensic love working on a personal level with students of all abilities we appreciate, for logistical reasons such as distances involved or budget constraints, on some occasions it may be more appropriate for our forensic workshops to be hosted virtually.

This doesn’t mean students have to miss out on practical hands on sessions, our forensic experts have developed a range of online, interavtive CSI workshops suitable for all ages. Whether it’s Key Stage One science “solving a mystery” or 6th Form forensic careers sessions, our curriculum based activities are guaranteed to not only be a learning experience but also a fun and exciting way of bringing science to life and motivating students. 

Virtual sessions can be hosted on any suitable platform used by school including workshops on Zoom, MS Teams etc and what’s more, they can be tailored to any timescale from 1 hour for out of school activities and clubs to full day Who Dunnit workshops. See below for what we offer your Key Stage.

We also provide free career interviews which you can watch by clicking below. Please share these with your students if you wish. 

key stage 1 – future minds

We are extremely proud and excited to have developed our Future Minds programme. The unique KS1 based activity encourages communication and involvement between school, parents/carers and the community. The content of the sessions actually crosses the KS1 curriculum and includes science, literacym art, maths, PHSE as well as problem solving and teamwork.

Children find the sessions exciting and fun, they don’t realise just how much technical detail they’re soaking up as they become detectives and solve the mystery!

This programme covers a full week; all resources, worksheets, teachers notes and guidance are provided.

Future Minds
Primary Schools
key stage two – primary schools

We acknowledge Key Stage 2 is a crucial stage in the development of a child’s interest in learning. With that in mind we have made our primary schools workshops as interative and fun as possible creating a long and lasting memories for your students.

The sessions can be run as an out school trip to our unique crime scene in Yorkshire or in your own school. As you would expect the workshops are based around the science curriculum however they also cover a broad spectrum of the remaining KS2 curriculum including science, maths, literacy, art, PHSE and development, There is a direct link to the KS2 identity module and crime and punishment module.

ks2 in school
KS2 Crime centre
after school clubs
Secondary schools – KS3 & KS4

Who Dunnit Workshops

At Think Forensic we appreciate one size does not fit all and that every student is different. That is why we have designed out ‘Who Dunnit’ workshop so that it can be tailored for everyone.

As well as stimulating an interest in STEM and enhancing the curriculum, the sessions are also designed to encourage interaction and team building, develop personal confidence and investigative skills.

Secondary Schools

Our workshops link directly to the BTEC public service curriculum and are suitable for all stages of the course. No matter whether your students are year one crime investigation or year two fire and road traffic collision we can bring an extra dimension to their classroom learning. The unique facilities at our crime centre provide an authentic safe environment in which they can experience as close to life scenarios as possible.

Besides putting strong emphasis on evidence integrity, scene protection and correct procedures, the sessions also encourage teamwork and communication. Students will develop confidence and the experience will remain a lasting memory reinforcing theoretical knowledge.

Some colleges use the workshops as mainstream instruction, whilst others use them for student assessments. Regardless of how you would want to use the workshops we are happy to work with you to provide the right scenarios, the right specialist staff and the right equipment for your students.

investigate btec

Our forensic workshops are popular in educational settings such as colleges and universities, offering specific insights into particular roles and opportunities to explore technical disciplines to students at this crucial stage of their education & career.

We are often asked to hold seminars and presentations to full year groups on the subject of forensic science and law enforcement, inviting questions from the students with a plenary session to round things off. Not only do our workshops raise enthusiasm and stimulate interest in STEM subects, they also offer to those looking for a career in the sciences and understanding of what goes on day-to-day behind the scenes.


During these difficult times many students have missed out on valuable life experiences and learning, we appreciate it is therefore even more important that workshops not only support and enhance the curriculum but are also fun and filled with content exciting enough to invigorate and stimulate students’ enthusiasm.


The workshops range from full day events for full year groups to half hour sessions ideal for you to incorporate into your larger careers or science events.

Workshops can be cross curricula, incorporating Drama, Art, English, Literacy, Geography, Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geology etc etc. In the past some schools have found this particularly useful in spreading budgets across departments.

At our crime scene centre we have developed unique workshops linking to Btec Forensic Science courses and Btec Public Service Courses. The workshops incorporate Road Traffic Collision Investigation, Crime Scene Investigation and Fire Scene Investigation and are a great way of adding realism to the curriculum of these courses.

Any event can be tailored to meet individual needs so if you have an idea or in fact “no idea” contact us and we’ll work something out.

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