Following on from Leisa’s research I have been trying and testing the brand new Assure knife range released by Viners for myself. After eagerly awaiting their release, I have finally managed to get my hands on a set, and to put it simply, they are fantastic.

With a non-stick coating on the knife blade they are easy to slice, chop & clean, and they are specially designed with a squared to prevent stabbing injuries and minimise accidental household/kitchen injuries. Viners have created a sleek looking, functional, comfortable knife, for all your kitchen necessities.

I must confess, in our house, we are guilty of throwing our knives in the washing up bowl after we have used them, and endless times I have ended up catching myself on them, however, since owning the Viners #assure range, this hasn’t happened once because of the squared edge. Yet whilst having this squared edge, Viners sure haven’t scrimped on performance.

The rounded edged knives have recently been subject to research into the ever increasing issue of knife crime. The research focussed on domestic knives as these have been identified as forming a large percentage of weapons used in stabbings, in which it analysed the damage caused by comparing the above rounded edged knives with other standard kitchen knives. For the full article click here.

Overall, I would highly recommend these as a kitchen staple, full marks for performance, looks and cost. You can find out more about the Assure range here.

**Please note, these knives were not gifted by Viners, and this is an independent review of my experience using these.

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