An enquiring mind, excellent communications skills and a detailed approach to work

For many people, the world of a CSI is seen as a viewer, while watching one of your favourite TV shows or world-famous detective but in reality, it’s all about detailed scientific observation and real-time methodical collection of facts, figures and evidence; once all this is started then the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently is paramount to solving any incident and providing evidence that can sustain real scrutiny.

At Think Forensic all our team are real-life professionals who have worked real-life incidents from start to conclusion; with this, in mind, we thought you would like to read about some of the topics we share with you on our experience days.

  • Blood and body fluids – we show you blood spatters and collection techniques and why these can crack a case
  • Hair and fibres – how important these are to connecting and identifying suspects
  • Paint and glass fragments – what they lead to and how
  • Tyre marks – how to cast a mould and the importance of observation
  • Flammable substances and use in starting fires
  • Communication skills – how to easily share information
  • Interview techniques – how to question a suspect and what you need to do to read body language

The above are just a few things that Think Forensic can teach you, but that’s not all; we can adapt our skills and scenes to make fun training and great parties at our bespoke venue (the only one of it’s kind) with real crime scenes all set up ready for your own personal experience.

We love to encourage young people in the sciences and run school ‘science clubs’ that encourage young people to engage in science and develop a love for it. Great clubs and fun events for all ages like the ‘missing carrot’ and the ‘author’s workshop’ or taking Corporate training to a new level of fun and interaction where you get to use and improve your skills and build your team confidence.

Give us call for a chat about how we can make learning fun.                 Tel: 01484 860 599

My husband bought me a course here for Christmas because I’ve always been fascinated by forensics and crime scene investigation. We attended yesterday and it was sooo good! Paul and Sue were friendly, funny and incredibly experienced so kept us all engaged the whole time. Learning about finger prints, shoe print casting and collecting fibres and hairs was great. The ‘crime scenes’ are really detailed and well thought out. I have so much respect for CSIs and the whole police team who investigate crimes. Thank you Sue and Paul for being so welcoming and showing us how it all works!