Hi my name is Millie, I came to Think Forensic for my work experience. I found the placement through my volunteering. I met Sue from the company at a district meeting for girl guiding, which I started when I was doing my bronze duke of Edinburgh award nearly two years ago, I continued for my silver award. I showed an interest in Think Forensic as when I was listening to Sue’s talk. I thought what an amazing experience it would be to work with people who also have a large interest and a wide knowledge of forensics, that was over a year ago. The reason I chose Think Forensic for my work experience as forensic science and entomology has been an interest of mine since I was 5, I am currently 15 and studying in my last year at the Mirfield free grammar and sixth form. I have been at my work experience for a week and it has been a brilliant experience, it has allowed me to use my team building skills along with acquiring more knowledge on forensics as a whole, it has also given me the chance to meet new people. It has opened my eyes to new opportunities, including bringing my family and friends along to the CSI experience as it’s a fun experience for all.
There have also been elements of my work experience that may have felt a bit boring, for example, having to make up spreadsheets for contacts, but even if this was boring, it has allowed me to improve my technological skills and organisation skills. There has also been elements of my work experience that have been very enjoyable, which include helping children throughout the experience to see how they react to life like crime scenes. I also enjoyed making the template Halloween costume and modelling for it! In addition to forensic workshops Think Forensic also run science clubs in schools. I was able to experience one of the sessions with Debbie at St Aidan’s primary where we worked with KS2, this allowed me to use my chemistry skills and work with younger children.
Overall my work experience has been brilliant, I would advise anyone who is wanting work experience and is interested in forensics and entomology, but also enjoys working with a team and acquiring knowledge and skills to apply for Think Forensic. I would like to thank the staff at Think Forensic for also being so welcoming and helpful within my experience as a whole.