The starting point of any investigation is probably the hardest. As a police officer, you could be faced with a dead body, the murder weapon, footprints, fingerprints, and a sign on the wall in blood, saying “It was me!”, and yet at that moment, the culprit (and victim) could be anybody. It could be the person stood next to you.

As evidence is gathered, however, pictures start to form. And if a case is straightforward, fingerprints etc., once examined, could result in an outright match to an existing profile. Result: the killer is him!

That depicts a tidy murder case…where there are signposts and pointers all over the place that lead back to the killer.

But, in many cases, there isn’t much for the police to go on. In the case of killer Michael Sams, there wasn’t even evidence at the outset that a crime had even been committed.

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