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Who Dunit Workshops


Described by students as great fun and found by teachers to be highly motivational this is currently our most popular programme.

Our Who Dunits can be run as full or half day workshops suitable for groups of up to 30 students aged 7 years and above.

The workshop starts with an introduction to forensic science during which students learn hands on techniques needed for the crime scenes, including developing and identifying fingerprints, casting and recovering shoeprints, crime scene photography and gathering evidence.

Students are then divided into sub groups,  each group becoming a team of investigators  with their own crime scene to manage. They will appoint crime scene managers, crime scene photographers and exhibits officers etc. After  donning protective clothing, they enter the crime scenes where they  photograph, log, package and gather evidence.  The evidence recovered from the scene is then analysed through a series of experiments to come to a scientific conclusion.

Emphasis is placed on communication, teamwork and authenticity according to age and ability of the students.

The workshops are facilitated by experts from crime investigation backgrounds who are able to recount experiences as required and appropriate ensuring students are not left with unanswered questions.
To maximise budgets we are happy to run two half day workshops covering two groups of students in the course of a day.

We also offer full year group events,  running tandem workshops and round robin sessions.

Please contact us for further information and prices.

Even adults are clambering to do this see our family and CSI Experience events.

Who Dunitt Workshops-1
Collecting swab and recording evidence
Fingerprinting in the crime scenes