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Btec Public Service Workshops

These full day workshops are specifically designed to link directly to the Btec public service course curriculum and support school or college staff in delivering the course by providing realistic scenarios under the guidance of our experts.IMG_3616

The workshops are held at our own Crime Scene Centre and involve  dealing with three authentic scenarios including:

  • Fire Scene Investigation
  • Road Traffic Collision
  • Crime Scene Investigation

In addition to Forensic Detection the workshops address the following areas of the curriculum:

RTCPractical teamwork
Developing personal skills and leadership
Dealing with customers/assisting the public
Public service incidents
Health and safety
Planning and participating

Some colleges use the workshops as mainstream instruction whilst others use them for student assessments. Regardless of how you would want to use the workshops we are happy to work with you.

Click here for our E brochure public service course  or request more information here.