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Nursery to 6 year old

Reception class magnified

Aimed at nursery and primary, our early years forensic science workshops are an introduction to the world of science and how differences in people are used to solve crimes (mysteries). Students use hands on  forensic techniques such as fingerprinting, teeth marks, footprints, hair, fibres and compu-fit identification to solve a well known fairy story or simple crime built around school.concentration

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“Future Minds” is an exciting extension of our early years workshops, in addition to the workshop we supply a kit for use during the remainder of the week. The kit encompasses many areas of the curriculum and includes simple to use giant magnifyers, smell stations, early years microscopes, animal paw prints, fingerprint overlays, hand hygiene equipment, giant tweezers, sorting equipment and much more. The kit is supported by teachers notes, worksheets and even assesment/observation sheets. The kit is returned at the end of the week.

For more information on the future minds programme click here Future Minds Programme

“Thank you for delivering such stimulating workshops earlier this week . everyone enjoyed them and we used these as a basis for follow up work . We ended science week celebrating our success in an assembly attended by our local MP.”
Susan Cotter, Short Heath Primary School, Birmingham
Full day event Nursery, Reception and Primary Students aged from 3 to 11

“I was amazed at the length of time for which the children were engaged. The workshop was pitched at  just the  right level and the children fully understood what they were doing. We loved it. Thank you.”

Reception class teacher inner city school





  1. By: Alan Carter- Davis

    on: September 22, 2015 . Reply

    My name’s Alan Carter-Davis from Southville Junior School in Feltham and I’m interested in booking a workshop for either a single year group, or for the school . This would be for the Spring Term .

    Could you send me through some information about what you can offer, as well as for the prices.

    Thanks in advance

    • By: sue

      on: September 25, 2015 . Reply

      Hi Alan

      We have various options as below:

      We run a reception and primary programme where we come into school on the Monday and leave a kit with activities surrounding a fairy story mystery with you for the rest of the week. The kit gets returned on the Friday.

      A half day workshop around a crime in school (usually stolen trophies) this is suitable for year 2 upwards and can include fingerprint developing and lifting using different methods for different surfaces, finger rolling and identification, hair and fibres, compufit facial reconstruction, shoe prints and tyre tracks. Students can take home tyre track casts, copies of fingerprints and for an additional cost crime scene suits.

      A series of short back to back workshops looking at as much of the above a we can fit in dependant on the time allocated.

      We take students in groups of up to 30 at any one time but can run workshops side by side if necessary however that involves an additional cost.

      Proces start at £550 per day plus vat and expenses which will vary on the number of staff and dates etc.

      Do you have something in particular in mind and how many students do you have in school, each year group etc so I can advise you better and give yu more accurate costings.

      Kind Regards