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Interactive Workshops

Interactive workshops

Interactive forensic science workshops, adapted to suit students of all ages and abilities. The workshops can be tailored to last from between 40 minutes to 3 hours and can include hands on experiments around developing latent fingerprints, identifying patterns and ridge details,  biology of fingerprints, hair and fibre analysis and morphology, shoeprint and tyre track casting and electronic lifting, compu-fit identification, blood spatter and entomology (age dependent).

Shorter workshops are ideal for inclusion in round robin or larger events while longer sessions can be delivered as stand alone workshops. We can offer up to five 1 hour workshops in the school day.

“The forensics workshops are a really exciting and practical way of demonstrating how science is applied in the real world.  Pupils thoroughly enjoy the workshops and the school values the enhancement that the sessions offer to Work Related Learning, Careers, Aimhigher programme and the Science curriculum”.
Lee Evans, Work Related Learning Co-ordinator, Edward Sheerien School, Barnsley. Aim Higher Workshops Years 7 & 8