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Interactive Crime Scene

An extremely valuable painting has been stolen from the Hangem Art Gallery.

The theft of the painting, by the well renowned artist Ivor B Rush, was reported by the security guard, Ken Locket, when he opened up the gallery at 7.30am this morning.

You are called to the scene and your investigation begins.

You establish the last person to see the painting was the cleaner, Dusty Shaker, who states she finished cleaning the gallery at 7.30pm the previous evening. At this time she insists the painting was hanging on the wall.

Three people have keys to the building they are Locket, Shaker and the caretaker Phil Mepocket. There is no sign of forced entry to the gallery.

You further establish Mepocket is on holiday this week and has not been at the art gallery since the previous week.

Examine the crime scene, gather the evidence and then process it in the laboratory. Be warned if you fail to do this correctly valuable information will be lost.

If you need assistance you can ask our expert “the prof”

Good luck, get your investigation underway.

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