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CSI Experience – family events

CSI Family event

At Think Forensic our family science workshops are all about fun and learning in a safe, stimulating but very different environment.

We encourage families to take part together and develop new skills, not only around science but also around communications and team working.  The events are totally hands on, you will not only spend quality time as a family but you will also learn:

  • How to develop and classify fingerprints.
  • Why we have fingerprints and how they form.
  • Look at hair and fibres under the microscope.
  • Cast tyre tracks and lift shoeprints
  • Build an e-fit composite picture
  • Explore our crime scenes and communicate with radios.

We not only guarantee fun but that everyone, even adults, will learn a great deal.

So if you want to do something different as a family then why not come along and spend a morning with us exploring the world of forensic science and crime scene investigation in this true family bonding experience.

Our next family event is

10am to 12.30pm Saturday 17th June 2017 family CSI – Availability

2pm to 4.30pm Saturday 17th June 2017 family CSI – Availability

Click on the link to book your place.