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Corporate events

Unique Team Building – Corporate events

Our corporate events are designed as a unique way of

  • Identifying staff for promotion
  • Identifying potential new staff
  • Identifying hidden talents
  • Building and bonding teams of co workers and departments
  • Giving staff insights into different roles

Your staff will have to work efficiently and collaboratively, using resources wisely and communicating essential messages if they are to succeed in solving the case.

The day can be structured to meet your needs and tasks can be allocated to place staff in unfamiliar roles thus allowing you an insight into hidden talents and providing individuals with an insight into the roles of others.

Overall the days are fun, informative and very rewarding for both individuals and companies.

PLEASE NOTE – Our corporate days are held at our own crime scene centre in West Yorkshire however is may be possible to arrange an event at a venue of your choice or in your area.

Why not get even more out of the event by structuring a staff meeting into the day?

Fingerprinting in the crime scenes