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Together with our in-house writing coach and forensic linguist, we hold author events throughout the year, aimed at those writing within the crime genre. Offering writers the opportunity to learn about real-life police protocol and official procedure when describing crime scenes and the justice system, the sessions also cover generic writing issues.

Authors who have previously attended these sessions have given us some great feedback, saying the workshop provided all the information they needed whilst staying the right side of the law!

Following our workshop, authors are able to build into their writing a greater level of authenticity and realism. Though fiction may be what each writer creates, when it comes to detailing crime scenes, police involvement, and the process of arrest and questioning suspects, for example, believability is a huge factor, which comes down to getting your facts right.


Most prominent crime writers wouldn’t dream of releasing a book without checking for accuracy, but it’s much easier for a household name to demand time with the relevant professionals, in order to pick their brains. Now any author can (gently!) interrogate our CSIs, who are all experts from their relevant law-enforcement fields.

Our staff will walk you through an actual crime scene, (re-enacted, of course), describing who would be in attendance, how the scene would be viewed, how evidence would be captured, recorded and preserved, and the sequence of events that typically follows.

To book your place on the next event (spaces are limited), call us on 01484 860599.

Our next author event is May 13th 2017; morning and afternoon sessions available. 


“I found out as much as possible about how to commit a crime, how it’s processed and the effects and limitations the police work with every single day – all whilst staying on the right side of the law! The staff at Think Forensic were patient and extremely knowledgeable; the workshop has made a real difference to my writing, as well as sparking off ideas for a few more plots. On top of all that, it was so much fun!”

Lesley B.


Think Forensic Ltd
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