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Think Forensic is the one stop website for teachers, students and would be crime scene investigators.

image2.phpEstablished to support teachers and students as part of the GCSE Applied and Additional Science Curriculum, the web site represents a great opportunity to highlight how science is implemented and used in the workplace and the world at large.

Our aim is to assist teachers to bring the vocational context into the classroom by developing and providing resources which stimulate an interest in science and encourage students to attain the highest possible level of education and understanding.

Qualified and experienced staff are on hand to offer advice and answer even the most difficult questions, while our own specially developed resource kits are designed to involve students and would be super sleuths in experiments and techniques.

We have developed and provide:-

In addition get involved in the interactive website:

Are you a natural CSI?  Have you got what it takes to be a forensic scientist?

Use your investigative and analytical skills to solve the online crime.
Find and process the evidence.
Use the results to find the suspects.

But hurry before the next crime occurs, your skills may be needed there!